1. Dark, damp island of attitude.

2. Someone offered to buy me a drink in exchange for a cigarette and never

3. delivered. The next day I ran into him at Rachel’s. He wore braces and also drove a motorcycle. Handed me a beer and said

4. here ya go! All 8 minutes of I Feel Love by Donna Summer (+)

5. Very walkable (+) Red Hot Ranch (++)

6. On my way home once, I picked a Wandering Jew cutting that’s potted in a few places with me now. I can no longer tell

7. which of my plants came from that cutting and which came from Seth’s.

8. Stepping in as Luke was stepping out, we never said hi. Obla di

9. Obla da. Walking back alone through the rain in May and hearing birds.

10. 1 AC unit (-) Losing it in the bathroom with roommates, dressed-up after Schwa

11. and before moving away. Feeling like it was our own house

12. sitting in the back room on something weird and fake, desperate to find

13. Kaavya’s voice. Take me back to my body!

14. I never met anyone there. I guess I was with Sammie the whole time

15. we knew about Danny’s. It was an affair for friends anyway.

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