Every day in the past 3 years that I didn't run : (

7/9/2021 - ??? Fell over a pothole on Telegraph and kept running, then noticed much later on the plane that my ankle was sprained. Haven't gone this long without running since 2010 lol

9/22/2020 - No real reason other than I was exhausted and tried to go to bed early. It was a terrible idea because I couldn't sleep for hours, will never intentionally skip again.

8/31/2020 - Altitude sickness continued

8/30/2020 - Bad altitude sickness

7/8/2020 - Was on an all day bike ride to and from Lake Lagunitas

6/28/2020 - Fell off my bike over the handlebars

11/13/2019 - Got trashed at work happy hour and accidentally rode Bart to Concord

5/24/2019 - Was in LA with too many people to disrupt the itinerary

9/12/2018 - On the way back from Berlin on a long layover in Reykjavik. The airport had a little outdoor cage for smoking where I did some jumping jacks.

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