Pawn it all off


Someone is chatting me

from their dead mom

Adrienne’s account trying

to catch a deal on my bluetooth

waterproof portable speaker

forty dollars can pick up today

I’m having manic attachments

to my trash relationship style

unsecure so I have no choice

but to sell Adrienne leave me

alone and what will you do

out there with my precious

garbage anyway.


I just wanted to show you

the Safeway sunset burn

of corporate dusk barn of

provisions for the end

of the world I’d hide

in the bakery aisle since

I’d like something soft

to snack on while waiting

for the zombies to come

and wide like a child

offer donuts maybe

they’d take me along.


It’s been so long since

I saw an expert or hurt

in a real rip-off way

it helps to have mottos

that I take with me take

like a man and keep

the stream on for company

like music in the shower

bluetooth and portable

waterproof men interview

me about tools they build

for data babies like us

show me the mockups

try it out nice buttons

good job be in touch.